Trust. All good business is built on trust. All business stands and falls on trust. Reputation. Honour. That is how it has been in "the Era of Wisdom". Today, "the Era of Wisdom" is back. The Era of feeling based decision has gone. Doing business with success in today’s market is risky, but there are some risks we don’t have to take. Trust does not have to be blind, that is just blind faith. We do not cross the road without looking, we do not do business with someone we do not trust and we certainly don’t do business with someone who says: “Trust me!” But when we are dealing with large number of companies (Business to Business), how do we really know we can trust them? What is important is knowing the difference between Trust and Trustworthiness, Appearance vs. Reality, the difference between Emotional and Rational decisions, and more importantly knowing you are making a choice that’s informed. We do not risk business with companies unless you know what’s their past is, what is under the surface, backstage, behind the scene, the company back-story. Due diligence brings important data, but it is a costly business and takes time and money. So imagine, imagine the company’s entire background in one place. Supplier's detailed business performance overview at your fingertips (Online), direct access to your new buyer DNA.... Trust? Trust the information. Information that makes the difference.

Corporate Mission and Vision

CUBE is founded on a firm belief that business information exchange is more than a regulatory requirement for business to share a certain data, but the ground for creating business dialog, building trust, national economy development and successful business concept for 21st century.

At CUBE we strongly believe that data are just the tip of the iceberg. Our vision is more successful, organised and developed national economy. We are on mission to redefine a present use of business information aiming to turn daily business challenges and opportunities into successful decisions - whatever we define as a success.

Is there anything for you?

We have collected a large number of reliable business relevant data, so far. It includes full business profiles of over 800,000 companies and over 1,000,000 managers aiming to facilitate the quality and success of daily made decisions about business partners you currently work with but those you plan to start cooperation as well.

- CUBE Risk Management Solutions, April 2014.