Credit Score

Be informed about potential clients' solvency

Credit score reflects the level of risk and success that company bears. It provides trend follow-up (historical credit score overview) as well as benchmarking with other companies that perform their business activity in the same business sector, or other sectors.

Directors and Employees

Find out who do you work with and about their management experience

In-detail overview of company's regitered representatives, members of Boards and their roles in the other companies along with graphics with an average number of employees and an average monthly salaries.

Advanced Search

Look for new business partners using Advanced Search feature

A desired client target group can be easily defined by Advanced Search feature that combines various key criterias.


Be informed about present and all previous company owners

In-detail ownership strucutre for all legal entities up to the ultimate owner with charts and historical movements.

Financials and Ratios

Securitise your business operations by monitoring client's financial statments and ratios

Complete set of financial statements provided with historical overview for 5 years including auditor's report (for mid-sized and large companies only) as well as consolidated reports for groups.

Financial indicators charts and financial statement comparison table

Tailor made analysis composed of charts and comparison tables that enables better companys' financial performance overview through certain period of time or compared to competitors

Mobile Application

Information ready to go

  • Application is available for MS Windows devices on Windows Store
  • For clients - special present - Windows Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • B2B Online is optimised for all types of Mobile Devices
Watch List

Track the companies that are important to your business and be the first to know about any new information

Group companies in watch list for easier overview of important changes.

Related Entities

Insight into the corporate structure of your business relations through related companies functionality

Company relation occurs when one business entity controls another business entity because it has managerial or ownership responsibility for another business.


Securitise your receivables

All types of collaterals submited by legal entities to their business partners such as pledge on movable assets, mortgages on fixed assets as well as registered Bill of Exchange.

Data Export

Archive important data by downloading them in Excel or PDF format and integrate them in your internal reports or similar

Most of the information available are downloadable in .xlsx or .pdf format.

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